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Brooklyn-Chapel Union Road , Butler County

Photographed July 18, 2007 by Alice Warner

with help from Perry Shepard


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Wade Embry Cemetery


From Morgantown, take 231 north to 79. Go out to the H Dockery Road and turn right. Turn Left on Brooklyn-Chapel Union Road, and the cemetery is in woods in middle of field fairly close to road, on the right. Coming from Chapel Union on the Brooklyn-Chapel Union Road, the cemetery is in the growth of trees on the left before reaching the Dockery Road. If you reach the Dockery Road, turn around because you missed it.

Going to the cemetery required parking on the side of the road and then climbing through 2 sets of barbed wire, one at the road and one at the trees. It is completely overgrown and there is no way to know if we found all the stones.

Visited July 18 2007 by Alice Warner and Perry Shepard.
Photos by Alice Warner.

Click the name of the individual to view image of the stone. If an individual required more than one image, click on the number of each picture following the name.


Name DOB DOD Other info from stone
EMBRY, Wiley 8 Feb 1808 11 Apr 1879  
CAUGHEY, Elizabeth 23 Apr 1831 4 May 1908 wife of J W A
CAUGHEY, J W A 2 Sep 1829 15 Feb 1910  
EMBRY, America W 25 Sep 1863 29 Oct 1867  
Illegible stone     Butler County Cemetery book lists a George Embry as buried here, however it is illegible at this time.
EMBRY, Columbus 1851 1934

joint with Mary

EMBRY, Mary 1861 1927 joint with Columbus
SCHULTZ, Nellie 1884 1937  
WHITTEN, John Q 16 Apr 1859 9 Apr 1862 son of E J and Martha
WHITTEN, James E 16 Nov 1851 25 Aug 1865 son of E J and Martha
EMBRY, John [1] [2] 1849 1918 PVT CO H 35 KY INF CIVIL WAR (note one picture shows old broken stone, same dates as new)
CAUGHEY, John W 30 Dec 1852 11 Dec 1891