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Presto Gary Road, Butler County

Photographed May 2007 by Alice Warner


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Lum Gary / Gary Family Cemetery

Cemetery is off Presto Gary Rd which is between Brooklyn Grancer Rd and Bryant Hollow Rd on Grancer Rd. From Morgantown, I took 231/79N to the split and took 79 up to Chapel Union (because I was visiting there not that this is the most direct. Then took the Grancer Rd from Chapel Union Cemetery at 79 out to Presto Gary Rd, which is on the left BEFORE reaching Brooklyn/Grancer Rd. Old directions given said "at top of hill behind house" but on the road. The car would not go up the hill of gravel so we parked at the bottom of the Presto Gary Rd, and then walked all the way up the length of the road. Walking up the road it felt like it should be sooner and we missed it, but it is nicely maintained and gated right off the road on the right, directly before the No Trespassing signs to keep you from going further, as if the road is only public as far as it is to let people visit the cemetery.

This is a complete listing of all marked graves. There are no obvious unmarked graves.

Notes in the additional info column in [[double brackets ]] are outside info not on the stones.

Photos taken 20 May 2007

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Name DOB DOD Other info from stone
BROOKS, Lacie 23 Jan 1914 4 Mar 1919  
COCKRIEL, A B [1] [2] 8 Nov 1935 7 Aug 1942 son of James and Janie Cockriel
EMBRY, Sallie D 29 Sep 1898 10 Jul 1932 [[ daughter of C C and Delia Jane Gary]]


6 Dec 1895 27 Oct 1929 Joint with Ida M. [[Arter Thomas. child of CC and Delia Jane Gary]]
GARY, Baby 16 Aug 1924 16 Aug 1924 Born and Died
GARY, C C 28 Oct 1860 2 Jan 1922 [[Christopher Columbus Gary; husband of Delia Jane]]
GARY, Delia Jane 9 Mar 1862 31 Jan 1907 [[wife of C C Gary]]


3 Apr 1903 -- --- ---- Joint with A T. [[Ida Mae; wife of A T]]
GARY, Lamon B 27 Sep 1925 29 May 1928 Son of A T and I M Gary
GARY, Letha Ellen 23 Oct 1883 5 Jul 1947 [[daughter of C C and Delia Jane Gary]]
LINDSAY, Carraine 15Jan 1919 22 Feb 1919 Infant of J S and Gracie P Lindsay [[Gracie P Lindsay was a daughter of C C and Delia Jane Gary]]
LINDSAY, Donald 10 Oct 1937 20 Jul 1939 Infant son of J S and G P Lindsay [[Gracie P Lindsay was a daughter of C C and Delia Jane Gary]]
MORRIS, Proctor 1925 1926 Son of Della and Roscoe Morris